Though the olive trees here did not freeze in the terrible winter of 1956, their cultivation was neglected for many years. Olive growing is an integral part of Languedoc heritage and we have brought it back to its rightful place. We are very proud of our first tankful of «l’Olivette»

Varieties :

Verdale 80%, Grossane 20%

Terroir :

A grove of 150 trees located on a plateau surrounded by the garr

igue bush, facing south-east, windswept by breezes off the sea. Brown soil with sand and gravel on crumbly red-to-beige sandstone with a sandy loam texture.

Technical information :

Harvested by hand in mid-December at optimal ripeness.
The olives, prepared directly after picking, are crushed, slowly ground and pressed cold. The recovered oil is stocked in a stainless steel tank in the cool for two months then run off for bottling by hand, without filtering.

Conservation :

Store in a cool dry place away from the light.
Use within 18 to 20 months.

Description :

Appearance: clear green hue shot through with straw yellow highlights.
Smell: delicate fruity aroma.
Taste: soft, with finesse, with a hint of hazelnut.

Matching with fine food :

At aperitif time, on a few small chunks of toasted bread along with fine sea salt (fleur de sel) and flakes of Parmesan. Use it for seasoning crisp vegetables, on warm pasta and pesto and, of course, on delicious home-grown tomatoes.