At the luxurious Saint Martin de la Garrigue, a beautiful renaissance château in Southern France, you’ll find everything you need for an idyllic, peaceful and much-deserved break.

Located in the Languedoc-Roussillon region, this mesmerizing castle is a slice of paradise, which you can now rent and enjoy in all its glory.

The secluded and picturesque estate spans a total of 420 acres, including 170 acres of vineyards. It has its very own distillery and brand, named AOC Coteaux du Languedoc, which produces around 300,000 bottles of exclusive red and white wine per year. All made on-site. The wine-cellar on the premises is about 40,000 square feet.

The first impression that strikes our visitors is the estate’s sense of tranquility and its harmonious atmosphere. Our beautiful chapel, which dates back to the year 987, is by all accounts the perfect venue for a fairytale wedding ceremony.

We care deeply about the estate’s environmental profile and will always work to respect and nurture both the natural surroundings, culture and legacy. You can either rent this enchanting holiday-destination to find peace of mind, or invite your loved ones for all sorts of memorable celebrations.

The opportunities are almost endless. Visitors can, among other things, enjoy the serenity of the giant pool, the invigorating energy of the tennis-court or simply stroll through the beautiful parks, gardens and olive groves, accompanied by strikingly beautiful butterflies.

Alongside the pathways, you’ll find both fountains and a fish-pond filled with carps, which undoubtedly gives the estate a royal feel to it.

The castle itself, which consists of roughly 10.000 square feet of living area, is exquisitely decorated with high ceilings, acclaimed interior designs and unique art.

We have made it our top priority to combine historic elegance with modern and tasteful décor. The estate has several secluded suites and luxurious living quarters for a total of up to 16 guests. We also have an exclusive suite that’s only on request.

Appealing features include a music-room equipped with a grand piano, as well as lounging areas, fire places, dining rooms and gorgeous patios.

A daily maid-service, and a French breakfast included in your stay. If you’d like to have kitchen-staff available for every meal, that can of course be arranged. Our chefs focus on local produce and will often incorporate herbs and fruits from the garden in their exquisite dishes.

We look forward to welcoming mature and respectful guests who cherish good wine and the soothing atmosphere at Saint Martin de la Garrigue. This is neither a bed & breakfast, nor a location for extravagant and excessive partying.

It is our goal to be able to tailor each guest’s stay to provide them with an extraordinary experience.

The loft Suite
One of several suites in the Chateau
One of several suites in the Chateau
One of several suites in the Chateau


Here you can enjoy a luxurious and tailor-made stay. All our suites are individually decorated and feature their own unique personality, details and charm.

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This exclusive place is an earthly paradise that is absolutely breath-taking. You can enjoy a dip in the pool, walk in the park or a game of tennis. The property also has bicycles that your can borrow to explore the landscape around the wineyards.

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Dinning room
Living area
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Renovated by an international architect, the property blends contemporary design and furnishings with many of the original features creating a sense of history and authenticity.

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